【OTTAWAZINE 资讯】2016年12月14日 移民部在听取了很多前申请人们的意见后,为了给每一位申请人一个公平的申请机会,修改了父母和祖父母移民申请流程,由原来的先到先得,改为随机抽取方式。名额又5000增加到10000.


在2017年1月3日至2月2日期间,加拿大公民和永久居民如果想申请担保父母,祖父母移民,需要在IRCC网站上填写一份在线表格,通知移民部有意向申请。在线表格将于2017年1月3日中午东部时间(EST)到2017年2月2日中午期间开放, 在30天结束后,IRCC将删除重复的申请人,随机选择10,000人。只有被随机选中的申请人将被邀请递交移民申请。 被邀请的申请人将有90天的时间递交网上申请。



官网原文 (如需参考)

The Government is committed to a fair and transparent immigration system. Changes made to the Parent and Grandparent Program will improve access to the application process, given that the number of applications accepted for intake is limited. In order to give the same chance to all Canadians who are interested in applying to sponsor their parents or grandparents, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) heard former applicants and is making changes to improve how people can apply to this program.

Between January 3 and February 2, 2017, Canadian citizens and permanent residents who want to apply as sponsors must first complete an online form on the IRCC website to let the Department know they are interested in applying to sponsor their parents or grandparents.

The online form will be available for 30 days, from noon Eastern Standard Time (EST) on January 3, 2017, to noon EST on February 2, 2017.

The form will ask for the individual’s first name, family name, date of birth, country of birth, main home address, postal code and email address. Once the information is successfully submitted through the online form, the individual will get a confirmation number. They should keep this number for their records. They will need to submit only one online form, as duplicate entries will be removed. Completing the form will not mean a person has applied to sponsor under the program.

At the end of the 30 days, IRCC will remove the duplicates, randomly choose 10 000 people and ask them to complete the full application. IRCC will let everyone who completed an online form know whether they were chosen or not. Only those who were randomly chosen will be invited to apply to the Parent and Grandparent Program.

Those who were invited to apply will have 90 days to submit their complete application to IRCC. The 2017 application kit and guide will be available on IRCC’s website on January 9, 2017.

Interested sponsors who are not selected will be able to indicate their interest to apply again in 2018.