2018年3月10日和 2018年3月18日,OTTAWAZINE分别发布了两篇题目名为《渥太华这份中⽂报纸,请停⽌抄袭我们》和《愤怒!《渥京周末》竟然抄袭我们⻓达半年之久!》的文章,列出渥京周末抄袭OTTAWAZINE文章长达8个月之久的所有证据。由于这两篇文章达不到OTTAWAZINE写作的最好标准,OTTAWAZINE把这两篇文章撤稿。这两篇文章底下的部分评论,藐视和攻击了《渥京周末》的名誉,某些语句表达也有出入。所以,OTTAWAZINE已经从OTTAWAZINE旗下所有平台撤掉与这两篇文章相关的评论。OTTAWAZINE对这两篇文章里面的评论感到遗憾,OTTAWAZINE也想借这个机会向渥京周末道歉。

Ottawazine published two articles titled “渥太华这份中⽂报纸,请停⽌抄袭我们” AND “愤怒!《渥京周末》竟然抄袭我们⻓达半年之久!” on March 10, 2018 and on March 13, 2018, respectively, to the effect that Ottawa Weekend had copied various articles from Ottawazine during the previous 8 months.  Ottawazine hereby redacts these articles as they did not meet Ottawazine’s journalistic standards of excellence in respect of its publication.  Some comments in these articles were disparaging and detrimental to Ottawa Weekend’s reputation.  It has since come to light that certain statements made were erroneous.  For this, Ottawazine accepts responsibility and is taking all steps necessary to see these statements removed from all of its platforms. Ottawazine regrets having made these comments and would like to take this opportunity to apologies to Ottawa Weekend.

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